Phidim, July 12:

Owing to the proliferation of cordless phones at different village development committees (VDCs) in Panchthar district, communication service has been affected in Phidim, the district headquarters, for the past two months.

The government had banned the use of cordless phones due to security reasons at village development committees.

But use of cordless phones has increased in rural areas after the success of democratic movement II. Owing to maximum use of cordless phones, telephone lines in the district headquarter is being affected.

Birendra Subba, acting chief of Nepal Telecom (NT), Phidim, said, “According to rules, cordless phones can not be used. But, by cheating the telecom office, locals are using more than 60 cordless phones in the district.”

According to locals, cordless phones are being used in Yashok, Ranigaun, Ranitar, Gopetar, Bharapa, among other village development committees. In total, 500 lines phones have been extended in Panchthar. But, the capacity is only of 64 lines (32 lines for 32 calls and 32 others for STD calls).

Most of the cordless phones at rural areas remain busy most of the time so the other telephone lines are being affected. Locals here are facing different kinds of problems. A team of technicians from Biratnagar-based regional office had reached here one month ago.

The team had forwarded a letter to Panchthar District Administration Office to initiate a process to remove cordless phones.

“Without the permission of the telecom office and District Administration Office (DAO), locals are using cordless phones. The administration must pay heed to it,” said Subba.

Chief District Officer (CDO) Basudev Dahal said, “Locals are using cordless phones illegally.” He further said collective effort by all political parties, civil society, civilians and locals is needed to solve the problem.