Country’s secondary market bounces back

Kathmandu, November 12

The Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index has bounced back today after continuously falling for two consecutive trading weeks. The secondary market had started to decline from October 22 and the trend had continued till Thursday, the last trading day of the previous week.

The benchmark index had opened at 1,460.73 points today, which went up to 1,477.14 points, increasing by 16.41 points or 1.12 per cent by the end of the day.

Along with Nepse index, sensitive index also saw an increment of 1.22 per cent or 3.75 points to 310.54 points and the float index increased by 1.2 per cent or 1.26 points to 106.14 points.

Altogether, 1,120,660 shares of 159 companies worth Rs 400 million were traded through 4,375 transactions during the four hours of the trading period.

Sub-indices of banking, insurance, development banks and hydropower increased by more than one per cent. The banking sector went up to 1,261.92 points, increasing by 15.66 points or 1.26 per cent in the day.

The sub-index of insurance group rose by 118.71 points or 1.49 per cent to 8,093.22 points and development banks group went up to 1,766.25 points, rising by 23.61 points or 1.35 per cent. The hydropower sector also went up to 1,812.72 points, an increase of 31.67 points or 1.78 per cent.

Similarly, the hotel sector surged by 4.52 points or 0.21 per cent to 2,179.54 points and the finance sector increased by 2.82 points or 0.37 per cent to 757.61 points. Following the general trend of the day, others sector went up to 815 points, increasing by 5.21 points or 0.64 per cent and the microfinance sector shot up by 1.28 points or 0.07 per cent to 1739.78 points.

In terms of total turnover, promoter shares of Bank of Kathmandu topped the list with Rs 28.91 million, while its closing price was Rs 270 per unit. Share price of Sahayogi Bikash Bank increased by 7.27 per cent to Rs 295 — the highest gainer.