KATHMANDU: It’s Dashain, but most folk are moping instead of revelling. Shopping hubs in the valley have voted this Dashain as the dullest ever.
“In the past even sales people enjoyed the clamor and inundation of people. This time, whether it is lack of enthusiasm or restriction in buying power we haven’t had any sort of rush,” said Prem Pokharel, operations manager at Bluebird.
“People would come to this part to shop as things here could be bought for the best price but this time there is hardly any excitement in Indra Chowk. Customers are finding everything too expensive,” said Rubina Maharjan of Prakriti Fashion at Indra Chowk.
Though there are people out to shop, the old excitement and anticipation that used to fill the markets during Dashain is missing this time. “Things are expensive. Also, most of us buy throughout the year instead of just before Dashain as shopkeepers tend to hike the prices suddenly. So, any smart shopper would buy throughout the year,” said Pratima Thapa, consumer.
However, many shops that have been around for a long time are not suffering too much, but have been experiencing a steady flow of customers. “We really haven’t seen much of a difference because our prices are stable and so is the quality. Our customers are loyal,” said Rajju Shakya, manager for Gift House at Bishal Bazaar.
A well-known shoe store in the valley, Top Class, has seen a change. “Maybe it is because of so many new outlets that people want to experiment and explore, but this time around it just doesn’t feel like Dashain. Some regular days in the year were busier and more packed than this,” said Sanjay Karanjid, a staff member at the Top Class store.
Whether it’s the plethora of places available for people to shop at otheir r low purchase capacity, one thing is clear — this nonce, it sure don’t seem like Dashain.