DDC to hike dairy products’ price

KATHMANDU: Dairy Development Corporation will be raising the prices of a few of its products in the near future. The move is a tentative one so far as it has not yet finalised which products’ prices to raise. The revision in prices as per demand in the market have been proposed by officials of DDC.

“We are studying all the products we have in the market and planning to revise their prices, a step that will be taken after assessing market demand as well as comparing market prices,” said Ganga Timilsina, Marketing Chief of DDC. “DDC is facing a price increase by the local suppliers and farmers. We have proposed a revision in prices as the raw material purchase price has gone up.” The late monsoons has hampered grass growth and fodder supply for milch cows and the milk supply has been less. “Though we are trying to maintain smooth supply of dairy products in the market, clarified butter (ghee) is in short supply and the price also is quite high,” said Timilsina.

Though it has not been finalised, products that will undergo a revision in prices would be those that are the most widely consumed in the market.

Milk priced at Rs 17 per 500ml packet and Rs 34 per litre is also expected to become dearer by a few rupees, said Timilsina adding that DDC takes care to provide quality products.