Diversify Nepali exports to US

Kathmandu, May 1:

Prahlad KC, honorary representative of Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC) in the USA, has urged to diversify Nepali exports to the American markets.

He further said that the Nepali handicrafts, gold and silver jewellery, tea, coffee and handmade paper have greater potentials in the US market.

KC speaking at a programme ‘Nepal-US Economic and Trade Relation’ organised by NCC, yesterday, also expressed hopes that Nepal would see permanent peace following the successful constituent assembly elections. “This will certainly lead to create a conducive environment for business and trading activities in the country and the American investment to Nepal could increase,” KC added.

KC also said that the Nepalis living the US would try to convince the Bush administration to withdraw terrorist tag on Maoists as well as soften travel advisory for the American tourists.

NCC president Surendra Bir Malakar said Nepali private sector would try its best to attract foreign investment, as the country is preparing for economic revolution. He stressed on the need of the government to ensure friendly policies for the foreign investors to invest in Nepal.

Stating that foreign aid and grants are not adequate for economic development, he said Nepali private sector is hopeful that Nepal’s bilateral and multilateral donors would effectively implement ‘aid for trade’ policy.

Rajesh Kaji Shrestha, former president of NCC, said accurate information, quick decision and pragmatic policies would help.