Kathmandu, March 5

The Department of Revenue Investigation (DoRI) has filed a case against 24 firms at the Kathmandu District Court today for their involvement in issuing fake invoices and thus not paying the due taxes that they were supposed to pay to the government.

Apparently, all the above 24 companies were established by Jaya Kishor Sah and Parmeshwor Sah, the two prime suspects.

An investigation carried out by the department found that the 24 firms had not paid taxes worth Rs 1.75 billion and the DoRI has sought a fine that is double the principal amount and three-year jail term against the guilty.

“We have found that Jaya Kishor and Parmeshwor are the main people involved in establishing fake companies by registering the firms in the names of low-income people and their labourers by providing them financial incentive,” informed Dirgha Raj Mainali, director general of the department. “They would then issue fake invoices through those companies.”

He further added that the department’s investigation had revealed that Jaya Kishor and Parmeshwor were using fake company stamps to conduct fraudulent business deals. “We found that they had established 24 companies in the name of their staffers and were conducting transactions through those firms.”

The DoRI had begun its probe into the issue in mid-January.

Meanwhile, department has also booked Govinda Subba and Indra Narayan Limbu for misuse of foreign currency and hundi transactions worth Rs 36.6 million. As per DRI, they had opened a remittance company named Reliance Sub-Remit and were transferring money within the country but claiming that the money had come in as remittance from Malaysia.

Moreover, DoRI has also accused Dipesh Kumar Yadav, Rohit Patel, Hanumanta Shankar, Rajan Kumar Gupta and Manohar Sah, operators of Siddhi Ornament, for importing 236.76 gram gold and 1,862 gram silver worth Rs 2.18 million through fake invoices.

Similarly, DoRI has filed a case against Dinesh Prasad Sah, operator of Ma Durga Jewellery for using the Personal Account Number (PAN) of another individual to make transactions worth Rs 6.06 million. Likewise, Ram Babu Sah and Anil Kumar Sah, operators of Om Jewellery, have been accused of not revealing their income worth Rs 5.99 million for the last two years.

The department has sought double the principal amount in fine and three-year imprisonment against all the accused individuals.