DoSMPCI forwards cases related to ‘overpricing’ in Durbarmarg to police

Kathmandu, October 6

The Department of Supply Management and Protection of Consumer Interest (DoSMPCI) has forwarded all the cases related to the overpricing issue in Durbarmarg to the Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu for further investigation and legal action.

DoSMPCI Director General Kumar Prasad Dahal said the department, late Thursday, recommended police to take action against offending traders of Durbarmarg under Black-marketing and Some Other Social Offences and Punishment Act, 1975.

“We have forwarded the case to the Metropolitan Police Range. Now, the police will take action against the offenders as per the law,” Dahal said.

According to him, DoSMPCI has recommended the police to take action against nine shops in Durbarmarg, including outlets of foreign brands like Bentley, Puma, Nike and Storeone. The department has also recommended police to take action against two shops based in New Road.

On September 4, government had sealed these foreign brand outlets on charge of overcharging customers. The government had found these outlets inflating the price of products by up to six times. However, after coming under pressure from domestic traders, the government has already allowed the errant shops in Durbarmarg to reopen.

Bel Pandey, deputy superintendent of police (DSP) at Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu, said that it has received 14 files from DoSMPCI for further investigation and action.

“Had the inspection team of the government taken the police along during monitoring of these shops, we would have carried out our investigation on this matter more promptly. However, as DoSMPCI has now forwarded the case to police, we will file a case against these traders on the basis their offence mentioned by DoSMPCI,” said Pandey.

However, Pandey said that police would seek a clarification from the traders to give them one last chance to come clean before filing a chargesheet against them.