Doti spud growers strike it rich, big

Doti, March 6:

Farmers in two VDCs of Doti district, who could hardly rustle up two square meals a day, have now become affluent. Potato farming has bettered their lifestyle.

The lucky lots are from Dod and Taleni VDCs. The fertile black soil turned out to be productive for bumper yields of the local red potato. The potatoes produced in these VDCs have a good market, reaching as far as Dadeldhura, Achham, Baitadi and other Far-western districts. Gorakh Bahadur Bogati, a farmer who became wealthy due to potato cultivation, said he introduced potato farming, now widespread all over the district, in his own village for the first time.

“Soon I learnt that red potatoes were like gold thanks to the black soil here being so fertile. Others also began potato cultivation,” he exulted. After meeting all expenses, farmers are earning Rs 100,000 each year, he said. Besides him, six other farmers also said they have been earning Rs 100,000 each per year. Last year, there was a one lakh dharni harvest of potato in the VDCs. Buoyed by their newfound success, the farmers are hoping that this year’s harvest will not be less than last year’s.