Dr Fixit campaign

KATHMANDU: Dr Fixit, the waterproofing expert from the house of Pidilite Industries Ltd, has organised a series of awareness campaigns aimed at educating applicators and engineers about the importance of waterproofing as an important aspect for long-lasting structures. Along with the Nepal Engineers Association and Ministry of Urban Development Building Repair Restoration Department, Dr Fixit conducted a training programme titled ‘Systematic Approach of Repair and Restoration’ to communicate the significance of repair and restoration, as per a press release issued on Thursday. Furthermore, civil contractors, dealers, applicators and painters meets were conducted in various parts of Nepal. Special training sessions were organised by Dr Fixit for better understanding of new age waterproofing and repair technology thereby enhancing the knowledge of applicators and engineers. Live site demo of Dr Fixit’s repair products were made available that showcased the functions and features of the products.