Drive cooking woes away with computerised cooker

KATHMANDU: The first Information Technology (IT) Revolution fair kicked off on Thursday in Fun Park at Bhrikuti Mandap. It will be on till May 2.

Innovative gadgets from computerised cookers to interactive multimedia CDs related to school courses are on display. Computerised cookers guarantee a sure-shot relief from gas costs and ensure that cooking time is halved as compared to using normal gas and kerosene stoves.

Cost effective and guaranteed goods are being showcased at this first-of-its-kind fair, the main attraction of this fair is a cost effective laptop being sold for Rs 12,000.

Innovative technology in every conceivable area is being displayed at this fair. “This is to make people aware of alternative solutions within their budgets,” said CP Bhattarai, president, Centre for Information, Science and Technology (CIST).

There are a total of fifty stalls. “We have started slow but are expecting a total of three lakh visitors over these six days, ensuring the fair’s success and which is the first of its kind,” added Bhattarai.

This fair is being held with the aim of creating an IT revolution in Nepal by spreading information and technology throughout the country and provide training to 113 participants from 60 districts.

The stall with the most innovative design and style will win prizes worth 10,000 onwards till Rs one lakh.