KATHMANDU: Egg price has jumped from about Rs 6 just last year. It went up to Rs 10 and is now at Rs 8.

With summer at its peak and consumption of eggs much lesser due to the heat, still the price shows no sign of climbing down. Eggs were being bought at Rs 180 per crate of thirty pieces and sold at anything between Rs 6 to Rs 7 per piece.

“We are selling eggs for Rs 7 even at the moment. We try and sell them for as much as we bought them for,” said Narayan Kumar, a retailer.

Consumers who eat eggs on a regular basis are the ones who are the most affected by the egg price hike which is at a steady high.

“We have to eat to survive and the government is aware of that. So, no matter how much the price gets up to, we still have to buy food products. Basic and daily items like eggs have to be bought, even if the price goes up to the maximum,” said Kamana Budhathoki, a consumer.

According to retailer Anil Manandhar, “If prices continue to rise, people will begin to buy the cheapest available products and perishable goods will suffer.”

Eggs have a shelf life of four to five weeks, after which they begin to lose their beneficial properties. Heat also has an adverse impact on food products.

Eggs are being sold for

Rs 7 to Rs 8, depending

on shop to shop. Eight months ago, they were priced at anything between Rs 5 to Rs 6.