Envoy to promote handicrafts abroad

KATHMANDU: In an interaction programme organized here by Federation of Handicrafts Association of Nepal (FHAN), newly-appointed Nepalese ambassador to the United States of America Dr Shankar Sharma today said that a lot needs to be done for the promotion of Nepali handicrafts in the huge US markets that import various goods worth billions of dollars,

Sopeaking on the occasion, FHAN president Bikash Ratna Dhakwa said that handicraft exhibitions and expos should be organized within the country itself to minimise the cost of participating in expos organized in America.

“FHAN has been facing various problems in promoting Nepalese handicrafts in the US markets,” said Dhakhwa adding that although

stalls are booked in these kinds of expos the visa problems put a crimp in the participation procedure. Thus, it would be beneficial for Nepal to organize these kind of events in the country itself so as to promote Nepali handicrafts cost effectively.

In this context, outgoing president of FHAN Puskar Man Shakya said that

along with the production of quality goods building networks with financial enterprises and NRNs would help in the promotion of Nepalihandicrafts in NRNs’ countries

of residence.

Former FHAN president Kalyan Krishna Tamrakar pointed out that that

nviting American entrepreneurs to expos organised in Nepal could assist in the promotion of Nepali handicrafts.Participants in the programme demanded easy accessibility for participating in the expos organized in the US. At the same time, they urged for upgrading the quality of Nepali handicrafts and establishing information centres. Meanwhile, Dr Sharma committed to work for the development and promotion of Nepali handicrafts during his tenure.

MoU signed

KATHMANDU: Ambassador of Nepal for Myanmar Gunalaxmi Sharma Biswokarma and Federation of Nepalese Cottage and Small Industries (FNCSI) Lata Pyakurel

on Wednesday jointly signed a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to create a niche for Nepali products in

Myanmar. The memorandum comprises points like supporting the embassy in organising Nepal trade fair,

initiating industrial tour by entrepreneurs of both countries, establishing good networking with umbrella associations of Myanmarese entrepreneurs and increasing the export ratio of Nepali small and cottage industries’ products to Myanmar. — HNS