EU approves radar in cars

The Guardian

London, January 18:

The notion of an intelligent car that can avoid accidents and help you to park may appear to belong firmly in the world of the Hollywood film set. But this futuristic vision could soon become a reality after a decision by the European Commission yesterday to allow car manufacturers to employ radar technology in a new generation of vehicles.

The first such cars — expected this summer — will be fitted with radar transmitters beneath the bumpers to the front and back which can detect other vehicles and pedestrians within a 20 to 30-metre radius. Drivers will be warned that they are in imminent danger of a crash or have failed to see a car in their blind spot by a warning light on the dashboard or a beeping sound. And the smart technology can even help with parallel parking.

Dr Gerhard Rollmann, of DaimlerChrysler — one the manufacturers that campaigned for the move — said, “From our point of view this is a very important decision”. Radar is very robust technology which remains effective regardless of environmental conditions such as darkness, rain, snow and fog and can judge precise distances and speeds.