Kathmandu, June 20

Experts have stressed on the need for social transformation to prevent corrupt attitudes becoming the new normal, moving towards a self-reliant economy through diversification of trade and transit, and demanding accountability from the government.

These issues were highlighted during ‘Post Disaster Assessment: Blockade 2015-16’ — a moderated panel discussion held here today surrounding the theme of a study conducted jointly by Nepal Economic Forum (NEF) and Alliance for Social Dialogue. The study was conducted through visits and interactions with people across Tarai-Madhes belt to trace the ramifications of blockade that started in September of last year and lasted till February, as per media release.

Rabindra Adhikari, chairman of the Parliamentary Development Committee, stressed on the importance of trade and transit diversification.

Surendra Labh, social researcher based in Janakpur, spoke of social acceptance of black market and dangers of that becoming the dominant norm in the society.

Mallika Shakya, NEF advisory board member and professor at South Asian University, stressed on need to understand difference in perception of blockade from Capital vis-à-vis border towns.