Export from Kakarbhitta transit point up

Kumar Luintel

Damak, May 29:

The ‘plant quarantine check post’ at Kakarbhitta has informed that the export quantity of ginger, Amriso, big cardamom and tea leaves are increasing every year since fiscal year 2054-55. Ram Laxman Prasad Shah, chief of the office, said that both import and export of agriculture-based products and materials increased from the fiscal year 2054-55.

In the year 2054-55 to 2059-60, 47,550.62 metric tonnes of ginger, 12514.71 metric tonnes of big cardamom, 4,099 metric tonnes of Amriso, and 36799.72 metric tonnes of tea leaves were exported.

In comparison to fiscal year 2058-59, ginger export increased by 12.27 per cent in fiscal year 2059-60 to a total 13,599 metric tonnes. Similarly, export of cardamom increased by 11.9 per cent to register 4,885 metric tonnes. Meanwhile, export of Amriso and tea leaves increased by 83 and 77.54 per cent respectively with total exports of 3,821 and 2,830 metric tonnes.

According to information given by the office, a total of 6,265 metric tonnes of ginger, 3,151 metric tonnes of big cardamom, 3,542 metric tonnes of Amriso and 2,280 metric tonnes of tea leaves have already been exported until the end of Chaitra in this fiscal year, while import of potato and onion have also been steadily increasing.

The office source informed that the import of potato increased by 47.26 per cent as compared to last fiscal year with sales touching 26,552 metric tonnes. A total of 14,999 metric tonnes of potato has been imported until the end of Chaitra this fiscal year. In the same duration, import of onion also increased by 68.67 per cent, while import of garlic from China through Kaankadbhitta transit point was worth 72 metric tonnes till the end of Chaitra this fiscal year. Import of potato, onion, garlic, pineapple, pumpkin, watermelon, cabbage, cauliflower, pointed gourd, etc are also carried on from this transit point.

The office informed that the export of beetle nut, herbs and chiraito has not increased as compared to ginger, Amriso, bit cardamom and tea leaves. Chief Shah said that chiraito is exported only to Pakistan; musuro lentil to Bangladesh while big cardamom is exported to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Dubai. He further informed that in the last five years, a total of 39,926 metric tonnes of musuro lentil has been exported to Bangladesh.