Exports from Makawanpur plunge

Hetaunda, November 21:

Export from Makawanpur — to India and third countries — in the last quarter of the current fiscal year has plunged by 0.43 per cent. Two dozen local industries — including six multinational companies (MNCs) — are operating here.

These industries exported goods worth Rs 42,65,83,000 from Shrawan to Ashoj of this current

fiscal year, which is a deficit by Rs 18,56,000 in comparison to the same period

last fiscal year. They

have posted Rs 42,84,40,000 exports in the same period last fiscal year.

Alkoba CSI Pvt Ltd recorded a deficit in exports by 5.49 per cent, Colgate Palmolive Nepal Pvt by 29.18 per cent, Himalayan Bamboo Pvt Ltd by 19.59 per cent, Himalayan Foods Industries by 3.96 per cent, Mahashakti Soap and Chemical Industries Pvt Ltd by nine per cent and a whopping 99 per cent of United Brewery Pvt Ltd.

Birat Leather Industries has been closed down


However, Everest Polymer’s exports surged by 2.87 per cent. “Similarly, Hetaunda Agrigate, Jay Ganesh Crusher Industries, Makawanpur Agrigate Industries, Om Crusher Industries, Shiv Crushed Stones Industries posted an increase in export by 40.3 per cent, 16.84 per cent, 227.35 per cent, 141.51 per cent, 300.66 per cent, respectively,” said Dipak Prasad Shrestha, president of the Makawanpur Chamber of Commerce and Industries. Soap, toothpaste, crushed stones, timber and beer are some of the export items of Makawanpur.