Farmers attracted towards seed farming

Surkhet, June 25:

Farmers in the eastern Surkhet are being attracted towards the vegetable seeds farming.

“The production of seeds fetches more income — which has lured us to it — than vegetable farming,” farmers said. The farmers who are involved in the seed production now were earlier involved in vegetable farming.

“It’s easy to produce seeds,” Devi B K of Toribari, Mehelkuna VDC- 9 said adding that production of seed has become a good source of income. Like Devi, most of the farmers in Toribari are involved in the seed production.

“Why do we have to go to foreign countries for jobs when we could make a good income in our own country,”

Udaya B K, another farmer said adding that he has been producing the seeds of radish, onions, runner beans, lady’s fingers and cucumber on his field. “I have been earning Rs 30,000 from selling seeds every year,” B K added.

Chitra Bahadur Oli of Nimare, Mehelkuna VDC-8, who is also involved in the commercial seed production said, “I have been producing the seeds of radish, cauliflowers, carrot and peas in the summer season and the seeds of lady’s finger, runner beans and cucumbers in the rainy season. I earned Rs 25,000 from selling seeds last year.”

Hom Kumari Rokaya of Thakelini, Sahare VDC-2 is making good income from seed production of radish. “Seed production is far better than farming,” Rokaya said.

Farmers of Mehelkuna VDC are generating more than Rs 30,00,000 income from selling seeds every year, Surkhet based Environment and Agriculture Policy Research Publicity and Development Centre said adding that 25 tonnes of radish seeds was produced at Mehelkuna VDC last year. “The radish seed produced at Mehelkuna and Thakelini was once exported to Bangladesh also,” Ram Prasad Gautam, chief of the centre said.