Fast lane: Cars’ wish list

What do you wish to have in your future cars? Let’s check out how the trend of car manufacturing has been changing. What do the major car players foresee to have special features in their future production? Here are some cars that are in the future cars wish list.

Chrysler Hemi’ Cuda:

Chrysler’s got the engine, and has teased us by putting it in a truck and a few concepts. Let’s see that 5.7L/400-hp V-8, mated to a rear-drive six-speed manual, in a two-door, four-pass, fastback coupe, with 18-inch wheels up front and 19s in rear. Convertible in years two?

Ferrari 350 Dino:

The everyman’s Ferrari. Let’s see a $60,000-$80,000 mid-engined, steel-bodied alternative to a plain-Jane Porsche 911. Power it with the lower-output (read: ‘less expensive’) version of the 3.6L V8 already in the Modena tuned to 320-350-hp and NO paddle shift. It might not be the quickest Ferrari, but it would be the most accessible and easiest one to push to

its limit.

Ford Bronco III:

Forget the overweight, lumbering Explorers, Excursions, and Expeditions with three rows of seats, fake wood, and leather. The much more compact, lightweight Bronco III goes back to the Bronco’s roots in 1966 with 2+2 ballistic nylon seating, big wheels and tires, hose-it-out interior, a small but torquay aluminium V-8, AWD, and pop-up rollbars. Adjustable air suspension is an option.

Porsche 914 STi:

Porsche reaches down to grab the Sony PlayStation crowd with this super low two-seater powered by the 300-hp turbocharged flat four from the Subaru STi instead of the old air-cooled VW. Priced under $30K, the 914 STi could introduce a whole new generation of buyers to the Porsche brand.