The feeling we have towards our job makes a great difference in our performance
Kathmandu Professionalism is understood as being detached from feelings. Offices want people to work like machines. It does not matter whether you are at a lower level or at the top, you are expected to work through rules alone, without being influenced by feelings. However, is it natural for a human to be devoid of feelings? Humans are emotional beings. Emotion is at the core of our existence. We can be unaware of it or we can ignore it. Despite that, feelings are continuously influencing us, whether we are aware of them or not. When we are unaware of our feelings, they can have more negative influences. Because then you cannot control the influence rather the influences control you.
By understanding feelings of employees, an organisation can find ways to increase their motivation
Whether we are aware or not, we have feeling towards our office and the job we perform. Sometimes the feeling is positive and at other times it is negative. We have a feeling when we prepare to go to the office. We have a feeling when we are leaving the office. We have certain feelings when we meet the boss, and when a meeting is about to start. In short, there is an associated feeling at all times in the office. Most of the time we ignore them because office has no space and system to recognise a feeling. But these feelings are influence our mood and the work we do. What we know and how much we know is very important to the job we do. But the feeling we have toward our job makes a great difference on our performance. Within the job too we have different feelings for different tasks. Moreover, the feelings keep changing with time. Generally, you may think that feelings are abstract and cannot be much specified. You may say that you are not clear about your feeling. It is true that it is not an easy task to understand feelings specifically. It is because we do not think it is necessary to figure out feelings. We may say that having feelings is futile knowing that we have to be on the job whether we like it or not. I would say if you understand your feeling correctly, you can change your life. Likewise, if an organisation cares to understand its people’s feelings, the organisation can be transformed. If you sense, feelings are not abstract they run over your body. Feelings are very tangible. That is why we feel them strongly and they have a deep impact on us. Certainly, organisations cannot run by feelings alone. They must run by rules and must be guided by objectives. But, on the contrary, at the core of every organisation — is a feeling. At the end, an organisation wants their clients to be happy. No business can run without making their clients happy. And happiness is a feeling. In the same way, employees join an organisation not only for salary, but mainly to be happy. An employee cannot deliver happiness to clients if he himself is unhappy. Feelings are associated with motivation. By understanding feelings of employees, an organisation can find ways to increase their motivation. It is by itself motivating that your organisation care about your feelings. The author has worked in organisations for over two decades and has been a leadership and teambuilding trainer for over a decade. He can be contacted through facebook at raj.kabule