Five virgin peaks successfully scaled this autumn season

Kathmandu, November 10

Expeditions to five virgin peaks of above 6,000 metres have been successfully completed this autumn season.

According to Mira Acharya, an official at the Mountaineering Division of the Department of Tourism (DoT), the peaks Panpoche I (6620m), Panpoche II (6504m), Hunku Chuli (6833m), Hongu (6764m) and Linku Chuli (6659m), which had not been climbed previously have been successfully scaled this autumn season.

As per the records compiled by DoT, eight climbers from two teams successfully scaled Panpoche I while three climbers scaled Panpoche II. Likewise, two climbers successfully climbed Hunku Chuli, one climber scaled Hongu also known as Sura Peak and five climbers completed their expedition to Linku Chuli this autumn season. “The successful summits of the five virgin peaks have spread a positive message to the world. This will play a significant role in the development of the country’s mountaineering sector,” Acharya said.

According to DoT, Rs 184,460 has been collected from Panpoche I, Rs 6,940 from Panpoche II, Rs 45,240 from Hunku Chuli, Rs 22,750 from Sura Peak and Rs 113,800 from Linku Chuli from the climbers. Along with the successful opening of the virgin peaks DoT has earned a total of Rs 640 million through expedition royalty.

As per the report compiled so far, a total of 1,191 climbers from 161 teams have received expedition permits for 52 peaks in the country.

This autumn season climbers from 62 countries have received expedition permits. Of the total expedition permits, DoT has issued expedition permits to 329 climbers for Mount Ama Dablam (6,814m) which is the highest number for this autumn season.

From Ama Dablam, the DoT has collected royalty worth Rs 146 million. Likewise, Mount Manaslu (8163m) stands at the second position for collecting highest royalty. DoT has issued expedition permits to a total of 264 climbers of 27 teams,

collecting Rs 270 million. Likewise, DoT issued permits to 95 climbers to Mt Himlung Himal (7,126m) collecting Rs three million while the department has earned Rs 424,081 by issuing permits to 84 climbers for Dhampus Peak (6,012m).

In the autumn season, DoT levies $900 per person for expedition permits for mountains of above 8,000 metres.

Likewise, it collects $300 for mountains between 7,501 metres and 7,999 metres, $250 for peaks between 7,000 metres and 7,500 metres, and $200 for peaks between 6,501 metres and 6,999 metres. Meanwhile, climbers have to pay $400

per person to climb Mount Ama Dablam.

Till date, the government has opened 414 peaks for mountaineers to climb, of which 92 peaks are yet to be climbed.