Kathmandu, September 7 The Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) has urged the political parties to end bandhs and strikes, which have adversely affected the livelihoods of common people. Issuing a press statement today, FNCCI has suggested the political parties to adopt other constructive ways to create pressure instead of bandhs and strikes. As per FNCCI, the prolonged protest in Tarai has not only created losses amounting to billions of rupees but also deprived the labourers from chance of earning money and has made their lives more difficult. Likewise, the tourism industry, which has been shattered due to the earthquake, has also been hit due to the frequent strikes as flow of tourists has declined, said FNCCI. “Farmers have also been hit hard as strikes obstruct transporting farm products to the market and their produce have started to rot.” Due to the strikes, various parts of the country have started to witness shortage of essential commodities; students are deprived of education, patients are also deprived of health services, the statement adds. FNCCI also said that the country has been bearing losses amounting to millions of rupees in revenue every day due to the strikes, which will ultimately hit the government’s capital expenditure, through which the general public could benefit.