Ford partners Yeti

KATHMANDU: Ford is partnering with Yeti Travels for a seven-day off road adventure drive to Lo Manthang.

After proving the off-road capabilities of Endeavour in the Mustang drive, Ford is ready to share this experience and encourage other 4X4 owners to enjoy their vehicles in a terrain that they are meant to excel in, as per a media release.

The main objective of the event is to promote the use of SUVs in terrains that they are created to master. Normally SUVs are kept more for status symbol and used only in cities and highways. Second important reason is to bring focus to the wide range of breathtaking places to visit around Nepal, with amazing landscape and rich history and diverse culture.

This event aspires to give voice to the fact that Nepal is not just about Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan. This event also wants to promote the over landing lifestyle, where people learn how to use the machines they buy safely and be confident about its capabilities.

They can learn to use the wide range of features that their vehicles offer and enjoy their SUVs in a way that is justifiable for the product. “And like all great ideas it has always shared with the world, Ford believes in innovation for all, therefore the event is open to all brands.”