Forgery in NBL Sarlahi branch

Sarlahi, September 30 :

A person has gone absconding after cheating Nepal Bank Ltd (NBL) in the Sarlahi branch of NBL on the eve of Dashain.

According to the NBL, Bhimsen Dhimal deceived the bank by using a fake cheque of a huge amount. “Dhimal opened an account with Rs 4500 in imaginary address a week ago,” it said.

He went to the bank to withdraw Rs 2000 with a cheque.

As the branch office was crowded that day, he managed to take his cheque with logbook to branch manager himself for authentication. In between, he replaced the original cheque by a fake Rs 800,000 cheque.

Yogendra Yadav, the branch manager informed that the person who introduced Dhimal to the bank to open an account has been taken into custody

for investigation.