Fruits and veggies become more affordable

Kathmandu, September 10

The retail price of most fruits and vegetables in the Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Market (KFVM) fell, owing to increased production.

“There was no fluctuation in delivery, but perhaps the increased production could explain the reason for the fall in prices,” said Tejendra Prasad Poudel, executive director of Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Market Development Board.

Coriander (dhaniya)’s price plummeted by nearly 50 per cent when compared to its price of previous Saturday and was priced at Rs 155 per kg today. Tomatoes were being sold at Rs 45 per kg today, less 30.77 per cent than last Saturday.

Retail price of pointed gourd (parwal) and mushroom dropped by 40 per cent each to Rs 45 and Rs 165 per kg, respectively.

Similarly, cauliflower was priced at Rs 85 per kg, less 19.05 per cent; bitter gourd (titey karela) was sold at Rs 45 per kg, less 18.18 per cent and christophine (iskus)’s price was down 17.86 per cent and was being sold at Rs 23 per kg, among others.

Retail price of most Nepali staples like potatoes (Rs 55 per kg), cabbage (Rs 35 per kg), dry onions (Rs 35 per kg), eggplant (Rs 45 per kg) and okra (Rs 65 per kg) remained the same.

Price of green leafy vegetables such as fenugreek leaf (methi ko saag) and spinach (palungo) also remained the same, that is, both Rs 78 per kg, according to the KFVM price list.

Meanwhile, the retail price of French beans (simi) surged by 21.05 per cent to Rs 115 per kg.

Among the fruits, price of pears plunged by 22.22 per cent to Rs 35 per kg, apples were down 12.9 per cent to Rs 135 per kg and bananas were being sold at Rs 85 a dozen, 10.53 per cent cheaper than previous Saturday’s retail price.

Price of pineapples, however, rose by 9.52 per cent to Rs 115 per piece.