Fujima oil company launches heavy duty grease Mp-3

Himalayan News Service

Biratnagar, January 8

Fujima Oil Company has brought its international quality control heavy duty grease Mp-3 in the local market.

"The grease is brought in Nepali market for the first time," states a press release issued here today by Fujima Oil, Biratnagar.

Prakash Sharma, managing director of the company, says that their brand of heavy-duty grease is very cheap in comparison to other similar products in the market.

"The lithium soap and grease cost much more than our brand," states the release. Sharma adds that this product is cheaper than the industrial grease.

Control heavy duty grease Mp-3 is of the international standard and costs Rs 160 per kg, whereas the industrial grease, manufactured by the same company, costs Rs 204 per kg. The company, established in 2049 BS, is manufacturing normal lubricant grease and oil also. "And its new brand has taken over 90 per cent of the local market," states the release.

Subodh Koirala, manager of the company, informs that Fujima Oil Company manufactured the control transformer oil for the first time in the country. According to Koirala, the company has been manufacturing nine different types of Mobil, grease and oil currently.

From six lubricants companies of the country, only Fujima Oil Company has received the ISO 900-2000 certificate, manager Koirala proudly says adding that said, the company is supplying 550 tonnes of grease annually—the annual grease requirement in local Nepali market is around 600 metric tonnes.