Gas dealers threaten to open own venture

Kathmandu, March 18:

Gas dealers are ready to launch their own gas company if the gas industrialists fail to supply them the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders.

Speaking during a consumer card distribution programme organised by Gas Dealers’ Federation of Nepal (GDFN) here today, GDFN president Gyaneshwor Aryal said, “If the gas industries hold back the supply of LPG, we are capable of opening our own LPG industry. After all, we are here to provide consumer satisfaction and cannot always be profit-oriented.”

According to Aryal, there are several gas industries that were caught redhanded doing illegal things in the supply of quality LPG household cylinders and blackmarketing during shortage of LPG in the market. He alleged that there were thousands of gas cylinders whose footing had been changeda and which pose a high risk of household accidents.

“Gas industry must be consumer-oriented rather than profit-oriented. Consumer satisfaction is paramount,” Aryal said. “Consumers are in need of those companies which fulfill their demands and not those companies which earn money illegally.”

Recently, Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) brought LPG Regulation 2065 for proper management and smooth supply of LPG. However, the LPG Industry Association Nepal is demanding that NOC revoke its decision. The association has submitted a memorandum to NOC calling for the revocation.

According to LPG industrialists, if NOC does not withdraw the regulation that has not included any of their suggestions gas industries will halt the supply of gas cylinders in the market.

“It’s more than a month

that we formulated the gas regulation and have been trying to bring it into effect but due to problems created by some gas industries, we are finding it difficult,” said NOC executive director Digamber Jha. The quota system is creating hassles in the market and causing negative competition which should be eliminated as soon as possible, he added. The number of LPG consumers is increasing by 20-25 per cent annually.

Aappreciating the steps taken by gas dealers for scientific management of LPG supply, Minister for Industries Asta Laxmi Shakya said, “Consumers are now aware of their rights. Therefore, both the industrialists and the dealers should maintain transparency.”