‘General public will be lord of new wealth’

The political party, especially, Prakash Chandra Lohani-led Unified Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Rastrabadi (URPP-R) that promotes constitutional monarchy, has been investing a great deal of effort rebuilding Nepal as a Hindu estate. Suresh Chaudhary of THT Online caught up with Bharat Jung Upreti, the general secretary of URPP-R, to discuss the goals and campaign and different issues related to the party. Excerpts:

What are the goals of Unified Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Rastrabadi (URPP-R)?

The URPP-R is moving ahead with four goals to protect traditional religion, culture and estate and to build identity of Nepal as a Hindu Nation, to re-establish constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy in Nepal, to combat corruption by tackling unemployment and to make the country prosperous.

How to make people prosperous?

We have new financial notion. We have policies that thrive in industry, tourism, education, health and Agriculture areas. General public will be the lord of new wealth. The policies would help in the alleviation of poverty.

Doesn't this seem extremely ambitious?

We do what others cannot. We have top political leaders like Prakash Chandra Lohani, Keshar Bahadur Bista and Ganesh Serchan among others in URPP-R. We believe general public including educated youths would support us. Certainly, we will achieve the goals if we get support.

What kind of party is URPP-R ?

Basically, we are conservatives, progressive conservatives.

Doesn't this become irrelevant to mention monarchy and Hindu estate when Nepal has become republic?

Bad things remain bad even when millions of people call it good. Monarchy and Hindu estate have been deducted in documents only not from the heart. Sagarmatha (Mount Everest) will never be old and irrelevant.

Rastriya Prajatantra Party is split, aim seems farther. How do you achieve goals?

Parties are split but the thoughts are stronger. URPP-R's aim to foster Hindu Nation, re-establishing constitutional monarchy and to combat corruption, tackling unemployment, are the key issues of present Nepal.

If we can unveil our thoughts and programmes among people, URPP-R will be the strongest and popular political party of Nepal.

Which features of URPP-R do you highlight?

We make things happen! For instance, none had thought that AAP party could win. None had believed that Hillary Clinton could lose to her contender Donald Trump. La Republique En Marche, a centrist liberal political party was founded in France on April 6, 2016. The party won the election with the huge majority of 66 per cent votes. Now the party's Emmanuel Macron is the president.

Similarly, we are working tirelessly to get the best of unexpected results. We have been working assiduously to conduct a huge campaign to make history.

Is there any possibility of RPP unification?

There is no term "IMPOSSIBLE" in politics. But there is very little likelihood of that happening now.

Anything you would like to say about Kamal Thapa?

Thapa ji might have begun self-evaluation. I think he did not have time enough to consider.

How do you see yourself as URPP-R's general secretary?

It's a delight getting opportunity to work for people and nation. I have been working in the field full time since 1991. I have acknowledged various responsibilities and have some experiences. I remember the lines from Robert Frost's poem now "And miles to go before I sleep..."

I dedicate my life to the country and its people.