KATHMANDU: This week, along with gold silver too broke its previous records with its trading price $16.90 per ounce.

According to Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association (NEGOSIDA), due to devaluation of the American dollar compared to euro and yen there was a sudden increase in the

gold price in the international market with gold

at $1000 per ounce and silver at $16.90 per ounce. There was an increment of $40 per ounce in gold trading price compared to the gold price last week.

The domestic gold market this week opened at Rs 25,335 per 10 gram on Sunday. Gold got traded for Rs 25,290 per 10 gram on Monday. Gold again priced at Rs 25,335 on Tuesday. With an increment of Rs 45 on Wednesday gold reached Rs 25,380 per 10 gram. On Thursday, the gold trading price was Rs 25,140 per 10 gram and the domestic gold market closed on Friday at Rs 25,335 per 10 gram.

Meanwhile, silver opened at Rs 408 per 10 gram on Sunday and remained at the same price on Monday.

With an increment

of Rs 7.50 silver was traded for Rs 416.50 per 10 gram while with another increment of Rs 5.50 on Wednesday silver priced at Rs 422 per 10 gram.

However there was a fall of Rs 3.50 silver in the domestic market on Thursday and silver priced at Rs 418.50. On Friday, it closed at Rs 418.50 per 10 gram, said NEGOSIDA.