Gorkha exported to Macau

Kathmandu, October 14:

Gorkha Beer — the authentic Himalayan brew and the flagship brand of Gorkha Brewery Pvt Ltd — is now exported to Macau.

From the begining of 2007, Gorkha Brewery has started exporting the beer. Earlier, It was exported to Hongkong and Japan.

“The crispy taste of Gorkha Beer has been very much appreciated by the beer connoisseurs of these countries,” states a press release.

Gorkha Beer was launched in select premium outlets of Kathmandu and other main cities of Nepal in 2006. The objective to launch the premium beer was to cater to the needs of tourists, who prefer high quality premium local beer, and to export to various countries.

Senses Macau is the importer of Gorkha Beer for Macau. “Gorkha Beer is a treat and an experience to the beer connoisseurs. This original Ne-pali special brew is a premium product of Nepal dedicated to the world.”