Kathmandu, April 2

The government is mulling over introducing the integrated national water resource policy to utilise Nepal’s abundant water resources for multiple purpose — irrigation, electricity generation, drinking, fishing, tourism, among others.

Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Barsha Man Pun has said that the country needs integrated policy to exploit the water resources for various purposes.

The integrated national water resource policy will also provide direction to the provincial and local administrations to frame their laws on exploitation of water resources. “We should not limit utilising our water resources for a single purpose as it can benefit the country in multiple ways,” said the minister.

“There are separate policies and laws for hydro electricity, irrigation, drinking water, sanitation, fishing, environmental protection, among others. We will frame an integrated policy, which will provide guidance to frame the master plan for effective utilisation of water resources that we are endowed with.”

Citing a study, Minister Pun said that agriculture production will double if the government can double the irrigation facility being provided for farmers. Stating that irrigation is as critical as hydropower, he said, “While developing hydropower, we can develop dam as a tourism destination, which will provide the facility of boating, fishing, among others.”

Minister Pun further said that the integrated policy will provide the guidance for holistic approach on water resource management.