Govt told to redefine PEs

KATHMANDU: A sub-committee under the Parliamentary Committee on Commerce, Industry and Consumer Welfare Relations on Wednesday directed Ministry of Finance (MoF) to redefine role of Public Enterprises (PEs) in the country and make them contextual.

As existing government policies have not clearly defined jurisdictions and responsibilities of PEs and has not identified them on basis of profit-making PEs and service-oriented PEs, the committee asked MoF to develop a clear policy related to PEs.

“PEs should have strong presence in the market and prioritise delivering quality service. However, this is not the case with PEs in Nepal,” Subash Chandra Thakuri, coordinator of the committee, said, emphasising on need to restructure all policies that have been guiding PEs in Nepal and make them clear, contextual and effective. The committee also directed MoF to clearly address the issue of bonus distribution of PEs in Bonus Act, 1976, which MoF is going to amend soon.