The Government of Nepal has decided to restrict import of ten luxury items until end of the fiscal year 2021/22.

Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies issued an official gazette on April 26 mentioning a list of the items which includes edibles products such as snacks (chips, crackers, etc), all kinds of readymade beverages, cigarette and tobacco products, diamonds, mobile sets above USD 600, coloured television set (bigger than 32 inches, vehicles (jeep, car and vans, with exception of ambulances and hearse), motorcycles (above 250cc), all kinds of toys, and playing cards.

The government has, however, excluded restriction on import of raw materials for production of beverages and tobacco products.

This decision comes in light with government's depleting foreign reserve caused due to various reasons such as Ukraine crisis, pandemic, remittance, among other issues.

Meanwhile, the gazette verified that the ban will not be applicable to the companies that have completed the banking process prior to April 30.

Likewise, the international diplomatic missions based in Nepal can also procure the above listed items for personal use.