Have a good hair day!

Kathmandu: A good hair day ensures a good day overall. One is always careful of the choices they make in hair products they use on a daily basis. With the right tools in hand, styling can be an easy task keeping hair healthy and strong. A variety of heat tools have been developed for hair styling which has become the standard for professional hairdressers and consumers. GAMA professional, a renowned brand from Italy has come to the market with hair straightening irons, hair dryers, clippers and hair curlers among many others.

In 1969 when the creative teams of beauty salons sought for a new way of interpreting hair care, the first ever professional straighteners, was produced in large quantities by GAMA Company, capturing the attention and interest of professional hair stylists around the globe. After a while, GAMA’s hair care and styling products became the tool of choice and secret weapon in fashion events and in hair salons. With a motto of producing professional beauty and styling tools, GAMA, has now extended its reach to beauty and hair salons worldwide. Over the years the company has pioneered into several new technologies that have proved to be an epoch-making step forward in the history of hair care. This Italian brand was brought into the Nepali market by Cosmetix Trade Pvt Ltd seven months ago.With pure Italian quality, long life motors, electrical element and Ion technology, all GAMA products are designed to satisfy consumers’ demand for healthy and styled hair.  “The brand has been specifically designed for those who need advanced and precision styling for hair types,” says Jay Agrawal, Managing Director at Cosmetix Trade Pvt Ltd, an authorised distributor of GAMA professional.

The company claims that every use of GAMA tools improves the condition of hair, leaving it silkier, smoother and luminously vibrant in just one application. And its special technology also eliminates the static electricity that causes flyaways. Bringing professional hair equipment to the consumers, the company has been continuously focusing on fashions trends set by salon stylists. According to the company, GAMA products are designed and manufactured with the profound knowledge of the market and continuous discussions with their experts.

“The innovative iron technology and the instant heat technology that are particularly delicate on the hair, preventing damaging heat stress has been the soul of the brand,” says Agrawal claiming that  even in the Nepali market, it will certainly play an important part in achieving that recognition. Adding that in the past, hair straighteners took a long time to reach the maximum working temperature, leading to unavoidable damage of the hair but with quick heat technology using hair straighteners will be safer with better protection and less humidity. He also said that it takes only a couple of minutes to create the classic smooth style or more voluminous curls, with GAMA tools.

The company envisions to provide the best products and services to beauticians and consumers without a chance to complain. All GAMA products come with a flexible but resistant three m plastic and silicone cable. Agrawal said that their main consumers’ are beauty and hair salons where they have conducted various seminars and workshops about the usage and necessities of GAMA professional. He says that all the products are directly imported from the factory to the company which is then sold to the consumers. The company has been carrying out door to door services and have engaged retailers and marketing team as a part of their advertisement.

GAMA products are highly resistant, durable, extremely light and handy. “Within a short span of time, our marketing team has sold more than five thousands GAMA products to salons all over Nepal,” shares Agrawal. The company has 40 different variety of hair tools which is available at beauty salons and cosmetic stores located at Makhan. And the company plans to add more products such as multi styler, and hair sprays in coming weeks. GAMA even plans to introduce hair colours, shampoos, conditioner, treatment creams soon. The company plans to open more than 30 stores at Kings Way, New Baneshwor and Chabahil by next year.