House body urges govt to make diplomatic efforts for facilitating LPG import

KATHMANDU: Parliamentarians have recommended Nepal Government to initiate diplomatic efforts with India to resolve the problems in importing LP Gas by  Nepali number plate bullets.

The lawmakers provided the recommendation to the government in a meeting of Supply and Consumers Welfare Sub-Committee of the Legislature-Parliament on Thursday.

They drew the government's attention that the problem would be even more pressing than it was during Indian blockade, adding LPG gas import may stop from November onward if the problem goes unchecked.

It may be noted that the Nepal LPG Gas Industry Association and Indo Nepal Bulk LPG Transport Association had agreed to bring in to operation the gas bullets with Nepali number plates in place of Indian number plate by November 2017.

It seems that the import of LPG is likely to run into trouble from November for India does not permit LPG bullets with Nepali number plate for transportation under the 'explosives control law'.

Sub-Committee Coordinator Subas Chandra Thakuri shared that there are complaints galore for not getting permission from the Indian authority since long for the operation of LP Gas bullets by Nepali business community.

"Based on the friendly relations existing between the two countries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been directed to facilitate in getting the necessary permission from the Indian Oil Corporation for the operation of bullets for transporting LPG through effective diplomatic initiatives and in coordination with the Ministry of Supplies, in the context of Nepal importing petrol, diesel, aviation fuel and LP gas from India since last year," he said, sharing the meeting's decision.

The sub-committee has also directed the Ministry of Supplies  and Nepal Oil Corporation for taking necessary initiation and coordination for this. Today's meeting of the sub-committee also directed to take required coordination and extend cooperation after checking its regular progress.

Lawmakers Ananta Poudel, Rajya Laxmi Shrestha, Dilman Pakhrin and Ram Bir Manandhar called on NOC to pay attention to the management of regular operation of LPG bullets in a similar manner it had paid attention to purchase land for storing LPG.

They said the looming crisis should be averted through alliance between traders.

Secretary at the Ministry of Supplies, Prem Kumar Rai said the problem should be resolved by the political leadership itself.

Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bhrigu Dhungana said initiatives are on to resolve the problem within November.

NOC's Officiating Executive Officer Sushil Bhattarai said the gas bullets bearing the Nepali number plates were not given permission to transport LPG despite writing letters to the NOC from time to time.

President of Association of Nepal LPG Gas Industries, Shiva Prasad Ghimire, pointed out the need for the government's intervention on the issue as frequent efforts from their side failed to resolve the problem.