Housing schemes take off in Pokhara

Himalayan News Service

Pokhara, June 28:

Two big construction entrepreneurs have launched modern community housing schemes in Pokhara, in the wake of rising migration into the area. The K C Housing Company and Annapurna Developers have separately started community housing sch-emes at an investment

of one billion in the Dharipa-tan of Pokhara. Both have already built one model house each. They have a target to complete all houses within the next two years. The houses will be complimented with parking lots, telephones, drinking water, electricity, cable television, health club, cyber café, swimming pool and department stores. Nine houses are at the final stagen. The K C Housing Company, which is affiliated to the K C group, has named its project, ‘Pokhara Homes’ which covers 45 ropanis of land, while the Annapurna Developers’ is continuing its project under the name, ‘Fish Tail Residency’. It covers 22 ropanis of land.

According to information being provided by the managing director of the K C Housing, Kiran K C, 54 houses will be constructed in the first phase of ‘Pokhara Homes’. 32 houses will be built under the second phase, based on the experience of the first phase.

The ‘Fish Tail Residency’, that is also being built around a km, will have 63 houses, Dambar Chhetri of the Annapurna Developers, says. All the houses in the ‘Fish Tail Residency’ will cover four annas of land including the compound, which will cost Rs 4.5 million each, Chhetri informs. Established as a private limited company, the Annapurna Developers will change into a public limited company and the public will be offered investment opportunities. Work has already begun in this direction, he says. The Pokhara Homes will be erected on six, eight, 10 annas of land that will cost between Rs 4.2 million to six million rupees. According to the managing director of the K C Housing, Kiran K C, the booking for homes was opened nine months ago. Till recently, bookings for 11 houses have been received, K C said. Soon after the completion, another housing project will be taken up at Hariyokhark within 200 ropanis of land.