Improved upon traditional grinders yield better result

Raj Kumar Parajuli

Dhungkharka (Kavre), January 10

Rural Technology Centre (RTC) has helped locals improve the production of Pani Ghatta, a traditional water run grinder, in Kavre district with the help of International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development.

Speaking at a programme on the technology development of grinders, organised by Kavre Development Committee, speakers emphasised on the institutional development of technology and management that would help them in a long run.

The capacities of traditional water run grinders have increased since the introduction of new technology, they said. People in villages still prefer Pani Ghatta, traditional water grinder for grinding paddy and wheat.

Kancha Man Tamang, a local at Dhungkharka VDC-9, said that the new technique has help him double his production.

There are around 462 grinding-mills in Mangaltaar, Falametaar, Saldhara and Dhungkharka, including 47 other VDCs of the district. 72 grinding mills have been improved by the new technology.

Only five per cent of such mills use polythene pipes. Businessmen in Chyangrabensi and Melamchi have increased their production by 30 to 50 per cent after they upgraded the mill.

However, there are people who could not improve the production of grinding mills also.

The new upgraded mill has not effected the diesel mills, however, they are hit by the electric grinders hard.A meeting was held among the people involved in grinding business last year for the proper management and development of grinding mills. The meeting had established 13 groups and three areas for the establishment of district level Grinder Proprietors Association (GPA).

According to them, 50 per cent of the grinding mills operate for six months and 20 per cent for nine months in a year while rest 30 per cent mills operate for the whole year.