Jobs abroad shrink by 18.62 pc

KATHMANDU: Nepal's overseas job market contracted by 18.62 per cent in Fagun (mid-February to mid-March) compared to the previous month.

At least this what the latest data of the Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE) show.

Around 26,000 Nepali got foreign jobs in Magh (mid-January to mid-February) while 21,158 Nepalis got jobs overseas in Fagun.

According to DoFE, 15,816 blue-collar job aspirants -- 147 women and 15,669 men -- left Nepal for overseas jobs in over four dozen countries through outsourcers.

Around 173,239 workers left Nepal for foreign jobs in the first eight months of 2009-2010.

Malaysia topped on the ladder of foreign destinations, hiring 8,541 Nepalis in construction, manufacturing and service sectors followed by Saudi Arabia (4,141), Qatar (4,124), the United Arab Emirates (2,446) and Oman (394). The top five destinations have hired 92.85 per cent of Nepali migrant workers employed in overseas jobs. Bahrain has hired 338 Nepali workers in the period.

Around 5,342 Nepali workers -- 448 men and 4894 women -- left Nepal for jobs abroad between mid-February to mid-March.

Israel, which had banned Nepali workers since April 24, 2009, has now hired 25 Nepalis through individual contract. Japan and The Maldives have also hired 74 and 24 Nepali workers, respectively, again on individual contract.

South Korea, a lucrative destination for Nepali blue-collar jobseekers, has hired 891 Nepalis through Employment Permit System (EPS) in the last eight months. Around 3,778 Nepalis are working in South Korea under EPS.

The DoFE has given prior permission for 23,930 workers to the outsourcing agencies here in Fagun -- from mid-February to mid-March this year.