Karnali locals protest fare hike

Birendranagar, June 9:

Residents of Karnali have protested the recent hike in prices of air fares by private air operators in the region.

They have also threatened to padlock airports in the hilly districts of the region indefinitely, if the government did not provide subsidized air fuel for the region within a week.

They issued the warning and submitted it to local officials in Surkhet through the Karnali Unity Society yesterday. In the memorandum, they said the maximum rise in air fuel prices have made the air services unaffordable for Karnali residents, who do not have any alternative to transportation service.

Society president said the government has provided subsidy in petroleum products for the residents of other districts except the districts in Karnali zone. He also demanded withdrawal of the hike in prices of air services. The society has also demanded regular flights in different districts of the region, fixing of fares based on distance and ensure that each passenger could carry luggage up to 15 kg free of cost. "If the demands were not met within a week, offices of all government and private airlines would be locked out for indefinite period," they warned.