Lankan leaf of advice for

Kathmandu, March 12:

Sri Lankan initiatives can be helpful in safeguarding the lives of Nepalis migrant workers, participants in an interaction said here today.

Pointing out initiatives for migrant workforce, Sri Lankan Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) deputy general manager Kodd Fernando said Nepal should emulate the Sri Lankan example.

SLBFE has schemes like training, insurance, loan, health and education facilities targeting migrant workers and their families.

Insurance is mandatory for migrant workers, said Kodd Fernando, deputy general manager at the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment.

SLBFE gives special assistance to those not covered through the insurance scheme. The Sri Lankan government provides different loan schemes like pre-departure loan, housing loan and self-employment loan to migrant workers and their families, he added.

Sri Lanka gives a package of training and counseling on safety, friendly migration, protection against and prevention of HIV/AIDS and family management before migrant workers depart. It also has a pension scheme for migrant workers which it operates through the Social Security Board (SSB).

The Sri Lankan government takes responsibility for the children of migrant workers.

They get scholarships in lower classes and loans for higher studies.