LG Styler hits the Nepali market

KATHMANDU: CG Electronics, authorised distributor of LG products in Nepal launched LG’s flagship and innovative product, LG Styler — a steam clothing care system in the first week of January. LG Styler is a steam closet which removes allergens, shakes out wrinkles and steams away odors. The product is available on all LG showrooms in Nepal for Rs 3,11,990.

“LG Styler is a one-of-a-kind product that we launched in Nepal targeting high-end consumers in the country. We are expecting positive response from the market,” says Sanjay Rajbhandary Deputy General Manager of CG Electronics.

The Styler delivers an attractive premium reflective design and measures over six feet tall and boasts large capacity. With its innovative, minimalist design, it adds visual appeal to any décor as well. It comes with three Styler-specific hangers and a removable rack. The styler also has two water reservoirs — one for the steam cycles and another to drain after each steam cycle. It also comes with a dedicated attachment for creasing your trousers.

The LG Styler doesn’t require plumbing connections and is equipped with a regular wall plug, so the installation can be simple. The interior of the Styler hosts moving hanger, versatile rack, portable water container, aroma kit that automatically releases a variety of refreshing scents onto chothes. TrueSteam Nozzle delivers steam using TrueSteam technology that reduces wrinkles and odors and Pant Press for adding neat and precise creases.

The external features of the Styler host an array of functions. LG SmartThinQ helps download custome cycles directly from the user’s smartphone, reversible door can be set up to open in either direction for user convience. Other features include full touch panel and mirror glass surface.

The LG Styler steams any garment in as less as 20 minutes to keep it fresh. It helps to revitalise the finest clothing with gentle power of steam. With just the press of a button in its full touch panel, TrueSteam penetrates the garments, removes odors, wrinkles and refreshes clothes.