Loan waiver comes as timely balm on farmers’ wounds

Myagdi, December 25:

Farmers have mobbed the Agriculture Development Bank, Myagdi branch office, to get their loans written off following Finance Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai’s announcement of loan waiver up to Rs 30,000 that small farmers had taken in the year’s budget.

Farmers from far-flung rural areas are flocking to the district headquarters, Beni, with high hopes of relief. They say they have become the owners of their land again with the bank’’s branch office returning their land registration certificates to them. Many said that the waiver had made them forget all the pains that they endured.

“I had taken a loan from the bank, but I could not pay interest or the principal amount,” said Manu Khatri, a villager from a remote area.

“However, I am happy that the government felt the degree of our pain and announced the waiver.” She said there are many other farmers who have hugely benefitted by the budget announcement. Other farmers also echoed Manu’s sentiment.

According to Krishna Prasad Sapkota, an ADB branch official, everyday at least 35 farmers visit the ADB office for the waiver process.

“Till now, 605 small farmers who had taken loans up to Rs 30,000 each have got those loans written off. The total amount waived so far is Rs 16,669,000,” he added.