Manpower agency under fire

Kathmandu, May 9:

The selection of trainee industrial workers for South Korean Federation of Small and Medium Business by Moondrop Overseas (MO) has come under fire after foreign employment seekers staged a sit-in at the ministry of labour and transport management (MoLTM) on Monday.

“The entire procedure of calling candidates for interview, selection and even the use of quotas by Moondrop Overseas has lacked transparency. We demand that the whole procedure be made transparent or else the present selection be cancelled,” said Hansha Raj Wagle, general secretary at Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies (NAFEA).

He was addressing the members of the press at the Reporters Club today.

Korea is a very lucrative market for foreign employment seekers and there should be no prejudice in the selection of job aspirants, he said.

“Sending workers to Korea has always been a big issue and we should be wary that we would not lose such a lucrative market,” Wagle added.

The advertisement, inviting candidates for the interview was published in Himalaya Times, a Nepali national daily on April 29, which was not available in the market.

Further, the interviews of more than 1,300 people in a single day raises questions over the selection criteria, he said. There was no satisfactory reply from the MoLTM and MO on the issue despite queries raised by the NAFEA, Wagle informed.

Talking to the reporters on what kinds of actions can be initiated against MO, L P Sawa Limbu, president, NAFEA said that its our social responsibility to ensure fair selection and government should regulate such issues.

He however did not clarify whether the association would take any action against Moondrop Overseas.