Maoists should give up arms: Oli

Kathmandu, October 31:

Deputy Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli today said that the Maoists should give up using arms as instrument of violence to come to a constructive conclusion to the ongoing talks.

“We are very clear about how to consider the Maoist arms. The arms would not be an issue if it does not come as an instrument of violence. They should also change their present behavior to give a final touch to the talks,” he said while talking to journalists after a programme to mark Shankhadhar Day today.

In the programme, he stressed that the government is committed to recognise Nepal Era as the country’s national calendar. “Nepal Era is nothing but national calendar. There should be no debate that it is our national calendar. Still, it needs some time for the government to announce it as the one,” he said.

He suggested that the academy to be formed in the name of Shakhadhar Sakhwa, the national luminary, be christened as the Shankhadhar Sakhwa National Academy and its working area made wide to do research on various aspects. Oli gave away cash prizes to three traditional drum players’ organisations that participated in last Monday’s cultural rally, organised to mark Nepal Era New Year 1127.