Mero Mobile offers top up service

Kathmandu, May 2:

Spice Nepal, the provider of Mero Mobile, is offering its prepaid subscribers the facility to ‘top up’ their accounts without using recharge cards.

Subscribers can now pay as little as Rs 50, that includes two per cent ownership tax, and top up their balance at Mero Mobile authorised outlets, states a press release issued here today by Spice Nepal.

This kind of service is already available in many countries including India. In Nepal, Spice Nepal is launching this kind of service for the first time.

To get this service, a customer can pay any amount and the authorised dealer can send an SMS to a designated Mero Mobile number specifying the amount to be transferred and the amount will be transferred to customers account.

The customer will get an SMS notifying him the new balance. The company hopes that the new system will help customers spend less money at a time. Mero Mobile has also extended its offer of Rs 1,000 worth of free talk-time with every SIM card purchase. Mero Mobile has yet another scheme that offers with every postpaid Sim purchase, a 50000kb of mobile Internet (GPRS) service.