More Parasi farmers into beekeeping

NAWALPARASI: More farmers in Nawalparasi district is turning to commercial beekeeping.

In Gaidakot, Mukundapur, Rajahar, Amarapuri, Pragatinagar, Agyauli and other VDCs, beekeeping has become a popular source of livelihood. Daya Sagar

Subedi is among dozens of such farmers who are into beekeeping in a big way. Farmers, who made the foray into this occupation with a few beehives, own hundreds of beehives today. Honey production is 60-70 kg per apiary.

Take Subedi’s case. He entered this profession with two beehives. Now he has 250 beehives and 13 employees to assist him.

Honey produced here is sought after in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Rupandehi and other places. Farmers say the supply is far less than the demand. A kilogram of honey produced here is sold between Rs 250-300.

According to the District Agriculture Development Office, Nawalparasi is a good place for beekeeping.