More take to trading of yarsagumba

Mahendranagar, July 29:

Number of yarsagumba collectors in Darchula district this year is higher than in the past years. End of the armed insurgency could be a reason as the collectors can now travel without fear, said locals.

Until last year, traders used to gather at Tinker, a bordering area linking three countries; China, Nepal and India and visit en messe. But this year, they travell-ed right from the heart of district headquarters fearlessly. The hotels also did a good business due to the rush of the traders. Even the hotels across the border were also reported full because of the rise in the numbers of traders.

The visitors to Darchula this year comprised some noted businessmen, human rights activists and leaders of the political parties from Kathmandu also.

Central member of the Human Rights and Peace Society, Surkhet, Dilli Prasad Sapkota, district president of the Rastriya Janashakti Party Prem Singh Dadal, central vice-chairman of the youth wing of Rastriya Janashakti Party Bhanu Aer were some of the distinguished visitors, who visited Darchula.

Sapkota, although, said that he came to Darchula to form a chapter of peace society, it was reported that his visit was related to yarsagumba trade. He, accompanied by three other members, has been in Darchula for last two weeks but there has not been any movement for the formation of peace society. Neither has he met anybody from the local administration nor representatives of political parties, it is learnt.

The visitors are giving one or the other reason for their visit to Darchula. Some said that they are here to meet their relatives while others claim that they are on duty. However, Prem Shakti Dadal, District president of Janashakti Party said that yarsagumba trade is his occupation. “People can not only survive on politics,” he said.

The price of yarsagumba has also surged suddenly this year with the rising number of traders. This year the price of a kg of yarsagumba is Rs 5,50,000 from last year’s Rs 1,85,000.

“The price of yarsagumba has surged to a record high,” said district forest officer Krishna Dutta Bhatta. However, the Maoists charge Rs 15,000 per kg as donation at the district headquarters Khalanga,” the traders said.