Mushrooms make Morang woman rich

MORANG: A woman in Biratnagar-16 has proved that hard labour pays off at the end.

Overcoming her unemployment problem, Radhika Nepal has been raking in profits from mushrooms, setting an example that mushroom farming is a lucrative affair.

She began by bringing mushrooms from Kanpur of India and taking a loan of Rs 35,000 from Agricultural Development Bank (ADB). Mere months later, she is now earning Rs 25,000 during the season and Rs 15,000 off-season after cutting all expenses.

She has also set an example that small holdings too can produce mushrooms and that large tracts of land are not needed for mushroom cultivation. Radhika produces mushroom on only 10 dhurs of land.

“I think there is no need to go abroad in search of employment. Options are abundant at home,” she said. “The profit is double the investment.”

There is no dearth of market for Radhika’s mushrooms. “Buyers come to meet me at

my own place,” she said. During season she sells mushrooms for Rs 100 per kg and for Rs 160 per kg during the off-season.