National Biz Briefs

Milking it home

DANG: Farmers are benefiting after a dairy farm came into operation for the first time in Liwang of Rolpa district. The Sana Dairy came into operation two years ago. Around 75 families of Gajul, Khumel and other VDCs are gaining, said management committee chairman Ganja Bahadur Shahi. Around 200 litres of milk is collected daily. It is run with an investment of Rs 135,000 by the District Livestock Service Office, the Nepal Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN) Rolpa and the committee. Shahi said market management is difficult as the hotel owners buy milk directly from farmers between July to

February and depend on the dairy

at other times.

Contraband seized

BIRATNAGAR: A patrol team deployed from the Armed Police Force (APF)’s Morang base camp seized 735 litres of illegal home-made wine from Keraun of the district recently. Similarly, the APF patrol team, Biratnagar confiscated 1,200 litres of home-made alcohol form different parts of the district while being imported to Biratnagar Sub-Metropolis. Likewise, the APF team seized 209 bundles of illegal kurtha salwar worth Rs100,000 from Biratnagar-21. The team led by APF Inspector Kumar Baral also confiscated illegal balpens worth Rs 20,000 from the site. The contraband has been handed over to the customs office, said the team.

Bid cancelled

ROLPA: Tender of the Jaljala Multiple Campus Rolpa for works worth Rs 48.8 million to be constructed with Indian assistance has been cancelled as there was no agreement between bidding contractors. The DDC had published the tender a month ago. Some officials of the Construction Entrepreneurs Association filed application demanding cancellation of the tender for competition instead of consensus. As contractors Hari Pun and Bhagiram Pun filed written petitions, the tender was cancelled.

The DDC has said it would open

the tender on March 30. Contractors had mobilised hooligans, and

even the youths and contractors

had clashed.

Hydel projects

DOLAKHA: Villagers of Babare-7 in Dolakha district were delighted after Nagthan Micro Hydropower Project came into operation. The locals use the water from a stream to generate three kilowatts power investing Rs 125,000 which was donated by villagers. Local Seti Devi group also provided support to generate the power. Each of the villagers could use three bulbs paying Rs 26 per month. The power has been distributed in the village except ward No 8 and 9. Besides for light, the power has been used to run various electrical equipment and a water mill.