National park status urged for Rolwaling

Charikot, April 28:

Dolakha Chamber of Commerce and Industries has urged the government to declare the Rolwaling area as a National Park.

Chairman of the chamber, Sudarshan Karki said Rolwaling area, which is considered to be a nature’s store for medicinal herbs, water resources and natural beauty is quite appropriate to be declared as a national park. Also Rolwaling area is rich in culture, tradition and religion, he added.

He added that the Chamber has urged Tourism Development Board to declare Dolakha as a district with a lot of tourism potential.

Local tourism entrepreneurs complained that concerned authorities did not pay any attention to the District Development Committee’s proposal to declare Rolwaling area, including five nearby Village Development Committees, as Gaurishankar National Park. They stressed that medicinal herbs found here must also be conserved. Most Rolwaling residents are associated with hotel business or works as trekking guides and porters for tourists.

According to local residents, the number of tourists visiting Cho Rolpa glacial lake, Gaurishankar mountain, Beding snow valley, Na village, Bigu monastery and Chyo monastery in Rolwaling has decreased significantly this year as compared to previous years. Rolwaling area can be reached after five days walk from Singati, which lies at a distance of 39 kms from Charikot, the headquarters of Dolakha district.

An organisation named ECO Himal has contributed a lot in developing a trekking trail from Rolwaling till Mount Everest base camp. The organisation also provides local residents trainings in English language, cooking and trekking guide.