NCCCI bid to woo Sino investment

KATHMANDU: Nepal-China Chambers of Commerce and Industry (NCCCI) president Rajesh Kaji Shrestha in a Sunday meeting with Deputy Director Liu Chongli of Administrative Committee of China Ecological district, Xi'an Municipality, Shaanxi Province discussed key issues about the International Horticulture Exposition 2011 Xi'an and enlarged mutual cooperation between the two bodies.

In a statement, Shrestha said that the meeting focused on the possibilities of Chinese investment in Nepal's agriculture sector. Shrestha said, "There are good chances of sufficient returns on investment in the agriculture sector of Nepal." He added that Nepal is rich in bio-diversity and has good environment for different agricultural products. Shrestha also informed about Nepal's participation in the International Horticulture Exposition 2011 Xi'an that is scheduled for the year 2011 in Xi'an Chan Ba Ecological District of Shaanxi Province in China from April to October. Meanwhile, Liu Chongli insisted on greater participation of Nepalese during the Exposition saying it would be highly beneficial for both the countries.